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When you think of Houston CNC Turning, we want you to think of Allied Threaded Metals. At ATM, we have over 50 years of experience in machining and metal modification. Our sought-after skillset has only grown as CNC machines entered the market and allowed us to become even more innovative and effective. Today, customers benefit from our team’s three decades in the precision CNC machining space, which includes a diverse offering of CNC turning work. Our Houston CNC turning includes contour turning, tapering, and much more. When handling your contract CNC turning jobs, we can work with a wide range of substrate sizes as well as geometries that can be challenging to handle. If you are curious to learn more about our capabilities, we invite you to continue reading or to contact us directly to discuss your needs in-depth and request a quote for your next turning job.  

ATM Works with Complex Geometries and Specializes in CNC Contour Turning and More

Our in-house machines and on-site staff lend us the ability to complete CNC form turning, contour turning, and tapering on metals with complex geometries. We are contracted for CNC turning work by a diverse range of industries, so our Houston CNC turning work must be precise and our suite of capabilities broad. We can turn to 90.00” center and 24.00” swing and offer turning work including knurling for both functional and aesthetic purposes, precision threading and more. Some CNC turning work can be as much art as it is science, so it is important to contract with a team like ours who has spent decades honing our craft and investing in the machines that aid in our ability to complete your jobs.  

Oil and Gas Industry Businesses Rely on ATM for Large Parts CNC Turning

When businesses in the Oil and Gas industry need reliable Houston CNC Turning completed, they turn to Allied Threaded. We have served Oil and Gas businesses by performing CNC turning work related to sub-sea pipelines and vessels as well as work on larger structural parts with weights far exceeding one ton. Given regulations and environmental risks, CNC turning for the Oil and Gas industry requires the right machines, a thorough testing regimen, and a team of skilled machinists to do the job. At ATM we offer all of that and more and will be excited to consider quoting any Oil and Gas related CNC turning job your business needs to be completed.  

Manual Machining to Assist with our CNC Turning Capabilities

ATM was founded prior to the CNC machining era, and because our team understands the benefits of maintaining manually operated machines, we use these machines and our manual machining skills to benefit our CNC turning capabilities. For example, we can manufacture parts in-house on which we then perform CNC turning work to help reduce turnaround times for parts your company needs. By being able to combine a traditional understanding of manual machining with the precision and speed that CNC machines allow, ATM can go beyond what you may be used to expecting from a machining shop.  

Quality CNC Turning Services Quoted at Fair Prices and Short Lead Times

To obtain a quote on your CNC Turning job near Houston, you can simply send us the file including your drawings and job specs. We will review your file in detail internally, then respond to your request promptly with a quote offering competitive pricing and a quick turnaround time that will ensure you get the machined part or parts you need when you need them. We invite you to reach out to ATM today so we can consider and quote your job and then get to work on performing the precise CNC turning work you require with quality guaranteed.   Request a Quote Today!


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