Anywhere fasteners couple materials together, there is a reasonable likelihood that custom-machined parts are required to maximize safety, stability, durability, or simply to ensure components are attached according to specifications. Every imaginable industry requires customized machining or part production to meet application-specific requirements.

Allied Threaded Metals, a full machine shop in Houston, Texas, offers CNC and manual machining with a focus on specialty fasteners. They can utilize milling, turning, drilling, tapping, threading, and sawing throughout the manufacturing process to reduce lead times and quickly deliver parts to customers. Allied is a leader in manufacturing non-standard fasteners for almost any industry or application.

Specialty Fastener Manufacturing and Fastener Modification

A specialty fastener manufacturer, Allied Threaded Metals specializes in producing niche fasteners and other parts according to custom-size hardware specifications. They work with customers to precisely meet the needs of any application in any industry. Allied Threaded frequently produces non-standard fasteners for the oil and gas industry, in addition to many others. With more than 50 years of experience as a specialty fastener manufacturer, Allied Threaded Metals has produced custom parts and components for many industries in all types of applications.

Allied Threaded Metals specializes in manufacturing niche fasteners to meet specific requirements. experience and capability to produce non-standard fasteners, including screws; bolts (including extend, cut, safety wire holes, and cotter pin holes); studs; nuts (oversize tapping, jam nuts, slotted nuts, spherical face); couplings; spacers; standoffs; and many other custom fasteners and parts. Each part can be milled or manually machined to ensure the part exactly meets the specifications and requirements of the application and customer.

Of course, rather than manufacturing custom fasteners and parts from specific metal alloys, Allied Threaded Metals also has the capability of modifying standard parts. Allied focuses on modifying, resizing, and reshaping a variety of nuts, including hex, square, and round nuts. As part of the fastener modification process, Allied can supply the standard fasteners to which the modifications can be made, or the customer can provide the off-the-shelf products for alteration. Either way, the modifications will be made to meet the exact specifications of the application and customer.

What is Nut Tapping?

Generally, tapping is the process of cutting a matching set of threads into a piece of metal, plastic, acrylic, or wood. The process of tapping uses two separate tools: the tap which cuts the threads on the inner diameter of the hole, and the die which cuts the threads on the outer diameter of the bolt or screw. The process of cutting the threads using a tap is called tapping, and the process of using a die is called threading.

Nut tapping, then, is a process used to machine internal threads and screws on the inner sides of parts with holes. It can be done to meet various specifications for custom hardware. As a specialty fastener manufacturer, Allied Threaded Metals specializes in tapping oversized nuts for use in any application. As with custom part manufacturing, Allied can accommodate nut tapping to meet exacting requirements and standards.

There are a few main types of taps:

  • Plug Taps (or Second Taps) – As the most commonly used taps, they are easiest to line up and start your threads. They have a gentle taper, typically featuring three to five threads.
  • Bottoming Taps – This type of nut tapping cuts all the way down into a blind hole (a hole that doesn’t go clear through the material) and has threads to the bottom surface.
  • Tapered Taps – Similar to plug taps but with a more pronounced taper.
  • Powered Taps – A type of tap used in a lathe, a mill, or a drill press. These powered taps, commonly called a “spiral point” tap, are usually used in holes that go all the way through your working material.
  • Forming Tap – Pushes the material back into itself to form the threads. This method is generally only used in softer materials like mild steel, brass, and aluminum.

When it comes to nut tapping, Allied Threaded specializes in tapping oversized nuts and is capable of tapping nuts between ¼” to 4” in diameter. They tap and modify hex, square, and round nuts which can then be coated for corrosion protection. Allied taps more than one million nuts per year.

Allied Threaded Metals – Specialty Fastener Manufacturer Houston, TX

Allied Threaded Metals has been in the specialty fasteners industry for more than 50 years. During that time, Allied has evolved into a full machine shop.

In addition to our experience in specialty fastener manufacturing and nut tapping, they also provide manual machining, CNC machining, prototyping, and production machining near Houston, Texas manufacturing complex parts with custom hardware sizes.

Our experience and capabilities allow us to process components made from aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, bronze, and more, depending on the specifications of the customer. Allied Threaded Metals is truly a shop that can quickly and efficiently meet the most exacting requirements for any sized application and any sized customer.

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