Manual Turning Services

Allied Threaded Metals’ manual machining allows us to create fast turnaround times for our clients. Our manual turning capabilities include horizontal turning up to 22.00” swing x 72.00” length vertical turning up to 48.00” swing x 30.00” vertical. Unsure of what your job calls for? Contact us and get a quote today.

manual machining services
manual milling services

Manual Milling Services

Allied Threaded Metals is capable of milling parts that vary in tolerance to fit your specific needs. If you are in need of a fast lead time, our machinists can get the job done. Our machinists have years of experience which allows us to produce the best possible parts for our customers. Unsure of what your job calls for? Contact us and get a quote today.

Vertical 9” x 42” Table with Newall DRO
Horizontal Boring Mill – 60” X 98” Table X 60.00” Vertical

Additional Manual Machining Services


Allied Threaded Metals uses a Landis-style threading machine capable of threading parts up to 2 ½” diameter. We have the capability of threading bolts as quickly as 15-20 seconds per bolt, therefore providing a quick turnaround. ATM is capable of threading parts to these specific threads:

  • Unified Thread (UN)
  • Unified Coarse Pitch Threads (UNC)
  • ISO Metric Threads
  • ACME


Allied Threaded Metals offers multiple forms of manual drilling, including:

  • Radial Arm
  • Upright
  • Multi-Head


Allied Threaded Metals offers nut tapping for nuts starting at ¼” diameter to 4” diameter. We tap over one million nuts in a single year. This is just one of the ways we’ve made a name for ourselves over 50 years in the business. Our tapping machines can modify parts as fast as 20 seconds flat per part. No matter what coating is being applied to your fasteners, we can get the job done for you.


Allied Threaded Metals can manually saw parts up to 18.00” in diameter. Have questions about our sawing capabilities? Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your project.

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