While many precision machining projects begin by deciding whether CNC Machining or Manual Machining is the right production method, we recommend starting first by finding the best full-service precision machining shop for your project in Houston, TX. This location first effort will help to narrow the scope of your research and will allow more time to figure out the machining capabilities at each nearby shop you want to consider. In the following post we outline some of the necessary questions to ask that will help you choose the perfect precision local machining shop for your needs, and we are confident that our team at Allied Threaded is suited to handle even the most challenging contract machining job you might need completed. Follow along through our question-and-answer section below to learn more then contact us for a quote whenever you are ready.

What You Can Expect to Learn Below:

  • How CNC Machining Shops Differ and Specialize
  • How to conduct proper due diligence to ensure you choose the right Precision Machining Shop
  • Why knowing exactly what you need allows you to find exactly whose machining services you need

To examine the above, it is important to ask a few questions:

Which Precision Machining Shops are Nearby?

This question is the best to ask first because it will allow you to narrow the initial scope of your search. While you might not need a speedy delivery, longer distance shops, even the most efficient ones, can cost more to work with due to distribution expenses, for example. By working with a trusted local machining shop like Allied Threaded, you will be able to have the option to pick up your machined products to allow for quicker completion of your project and reduced expenses by eliminating shipping costs.

Can the Machine Shop’s Work Conform to our Drawings?

It is important to note that not all precision machining shops near Houston, Texas are created equal. Things like equipment, capacity, and worker experience can vary dramatically. To avoid any issues, you will want to have a discussion with any shop you are considering, confirming in advance that they are comfortable working with your drawings. At Allied Threaded, our 55+ years of experience as the best Precision Machining Shop in Houston, TX has allowed us to learn exactly what machining service is right for specific jobs. From CNC turning and CNC Milling work to manual machining and special fasteners and modification work, there is no custom drawing that our team cannot conform to. When you get in touch with our team, we can help you understand whether CNC Machining or Manual Machining work will be best for your needs.

What Precision Machining Work Does This Shop Offer?

The term Precision Machining Shop means many things to many people, and this is for good reason. Some shops offer only CNC Machining services, and others remain completely manual, so it is important to ask in advance for details on the work they offer rather than to make assumptions. For example, you will want to confirm if a shop offers CNC turning, milling, cutting, boring, and more. In addition to confirming what types of services are offered, you will also want to confirm with what equipment it would be completed. At Allied Threaded, we have an expansive suite of CNC and Manual Machining equipment, so our team is capable of handling custom work that ranges from large parts for the oil and gas industry to custom components as small as nuts.

Has This Machine Shop Successfully Worked with Our Materials Before?

Having the necessary equipment required to work with various metals is vital for a precision machining shop, but this alone does not make them the right choice for your work. In addition to having the right equipment to handle your unique job, you will want to choose a machining shop that has a long history of successfully working with the materials your project calls for. Not every shop can handle exotic metals and may instead only be suited to working with common materials such as aluminum. At Allied Threaded, our advanced equipment and expert team allow us to successfully work with common metals such as aluminum and stainless steel, as well as less common options such as titanium, copper, bronze, and more. No matter what metal your job calls for, our team and our machines can get the job done.

Can This Machine Shop Handle the Precision My Project Calls for?

You should be able to expect any professionally managed precision machining shop to be able to follow GDT, meet general tolerances, and keep part-to-part variability to a minimum. If your tolerances are less than standard, you will want to discuss your specific needs with the shop during the quoting process. At Allied Threaded we offer both 3 and 4 axis CNC milling services, which allows for extreme precision on a range of product sizes. While CNC Machining offers greater precision than manual machine work, our equipment is ever more advanced than what you will find in most shops.

Does This Precision Machining Shop Have a Minimum Order Size?

One additional question you will want to ask a machining shop you are considering for your contract machining project is whether they have a minimum order size. Even if you think your order may be a common size, you will want to confirm if it is a size the shop is equipped to handle. Although CNC Machining work is an excellent choice for small batch jobs, some shops require minimum orders to justify taking on the work. You can discuss our quantity expectations when you contact us for a quote.

We hope the above questions have helped you feel more prepared to find the best machining shop to take on your current project, and we believe Allied Threaded is the best Precision Machine shop in Houston, TX to service your needs! While our fair prices and convenient location make working with us easy, we are a precision machine shop that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction more than anything else. While plenty of shops can cut metal, working with a shop as experienced as ours removes limits on the work you can have completed. We invite you to explore our website in full to learn more, then contact us today to confirm if we are the perfect shop for your needs!


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