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When you have a job that requires custom parts, contracting with the right Houston-based specialty fastener manufacturer can make all the difference. Allied Threaded has been in business since 1966, which means we now have over fifty years of experience manufacturing and modifying specialty fasteners. With this experience coupled with our manual and CNC machining equipment, Allied Threaded is ready to take on your specialty fastener manufacturing contract in Houston. Below we will outline some of the capabilities, equipment, and unique aspects of Allied Threaded that make us well-suited to taking on your contract specialty fastener manufacturing job. Once you have an understanding of our offering, we invite you to contact our team for a quote on your specialty manufacturing job. 


Skilled Workers with Access to Manual and CNC Machining Equipment Get the Job Done

What happens when you combine skilled and experienced machinists with a suite of advanced CNC machines and traditional manual machining equipment? You get the best quality specialty fasteners you can contract for in Houston and you get them following a brief turnaround time. Our team’s decades of combined experience allow us to handle even the most complex specialty fastener machining job efficiently and with quality guaranteed. We have been trusted by companies in industries ranging from Oil and Gas to Construction to take on jobs ranging from part prototyping to high-volume specialty fastener production. These industries demand precision in their parts a failure to meet these demands can lead to danger or an inability to complete large scale projects. The talented team at Allied Threaded loves rising to the occasion to meet the specifications and turnaround needs of our loyal contract machining customers.


Non-Standard Specialty Fastener Sizes are No Match for Allied Threaded

One common reason that companies in need of specialty fasteners come to Allied Threaded is for us to machine fasteners with non-standard sizes. When you need a custom part, you cannot go to a normal fastener supplier, you need to contract with a machining shop that offers specialty solutions. However, not all machining shops are ready to offer work of the same high quality and wide breadth as Allied Threaded. We have been helping companies with their specialty fastener needs since 1966, which means we have the experience needed to complete custom work efficiently, precisely, and at a price that we know is fair based on the work involved.

Allied Threaded Specializes in Offering a Variety of Specialty Fasteners

When we say that your business can contract with Allied Threaded for specialty fasteners, it is important to note that this includes a diverse array of non-standard fasteners we can machine. Examples of the custom fasteners we are often contracted with to provide include but are not limited to:

  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Spacers
  • Couplings

Regardless of the custom part your project needs, we want to consider the job, offer you a competitively priced quote, and have the opportunity to serve as your specialty fastener manufacturer. If you want to work with a Houston based machining shop that has deep experience completing custom fastener manufacturing jobs, then contact Allied Threaded today so we can consider your needs and offer a competitive quote with a brief turnaround time.


Our Team Can Modify, Resize, and Reshape Oversized Nuts

Do you have an oversized nut or a set of oversized nuts that do not fit their intended application? If so, contract with Allied Threaded to have oversized nuts resized, modified, or even reshaped. Even oversized nuts made with high quality material can wind up to not have the right shape or size but instead of having to contract for completely new nuts, you can contact Allied Threaded to get to work modifying these fasteners, so they will fit perfectly and allow your project to proceed smoothly. Our team can modify and tap hex, round, and square nuts of diameters ranging between ¼” to 4” in diameter. We can work with nuts coated with Teflon, PTFE, hot dip galvanizing, and more. Contact us today to learn more about these capabilities and obtain a competitive quote from a trusted and tested specialty fastener manufacturer conveniently located in Houston.

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