Choose Allied Threaded for Quality Houston Fastener Manufacturing

Allied Threaded Metals has been consistently serving customers’ needs for high-quality Houston fastener manufacturing for five decades, and we would love to take on your specialty fastener job next. Our team has developed a reputation as the trusted shop for contract customers in need of custom fastener manufacturing, and we continue to build upon this reputation with our modern suite of CNC machining tools. These new tools coupled with our manual machining capabilities provide us with the equipment needed to take on nearly any custom fastener job you might present us with. 

Over 50 Years of Experience Manufacturing Specialty Fasteners

ATM strives to always offer precise work with minimal lead times at the most reasonable prices possible, and our 50 years of experience in manufacturing specialty fasteners is what allows us to do so efficiently. We tap over one million nuts per year, so high-volume work is no problem. However, we also have vast experience in lower volume work that includes specialty oversized nut tapping. Throughout our decades in business, there has been no specialty fastener job our knowledgeable team has been unwilling to consider, and we have the machines available in-house to handle your work, so do not hesitate to contact us to request a quote.

Skilled at Oversized Nut Tapping

With many decades of combined employee experience complemented by advanced CNC machines and manual machining equipment, ATM is perfectly suited to taking on your oversized nut tapping jobs. If you need to modify nuts coated with PTFE, Teflon, hot-tip galvanizing, xylan, and more, oversized nut tapping can be a great solution. Additionally, our team and equipment can tap nuts with diameters ranging from ¼” to 4”. 

With these in-house capabilities, we are the right Houston machining shop to turn to when your project changes and the nuts you had developed suddenly do not fit. By being able to lean on our team, you can comfortably adjust components on the fly and know that our shop stands ready to resize and modify nuts as needed to keep your project moving toward its timely completion.

A Team Prepared to Take on Custom Jobs with Non-Standard Hardware Sizes

While ATM’s facility and team are frequently sought after for high-volume jobs, we are also equipped to complete custom Houston fastener manufacturing jobs for parts with non-standard sizes. We understand that customization can be the key to completing producing the perfect part, and we enjoy accepting custom jobs to help you solve your fastener manufacturing needs. Examples of threaded metals that we have produced in non-standard sizes include bolts, spacers, couplings, screws, standoffs, and more. We have the equipment and knowledge needed to produce these parts with consistently high quality, precisely meeting your design specifications.

A Shop that Began Focusing on Fastener Manufacturing and Never Forgot its Roots

Contract machining customers in the Houston area now trust ATMs to complete a wide range of CNC and manual machining work, but our business began with a strict focus on Houston fastener manufacturing. With the expertise we have developed over 5 decades, we are proud to remain the Houston machining shop of choice for businesses that need precise fastener manufacturing completed. If your fastener manufacturing job calls for work with oversized nut modifications, custom threaded metal with non-standard sizes, or reshaping of an existing oversized nut, then we are your ideal choice in the Houston area. If you would like to learn more about how our shop can help solve your fastener manufacturing challenges, then we invite you to contact us today to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.





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