For Your Next Job Contract a Business That Stands Out Among Machine Shops in Houston

Have your next contract machining job completed by a business that has stood out among machine shops in Houston for decades: Allied Threaded. We maintain a suite of CNC and manual machines, a skilled workforce, and deep experience serving a diverse array of industries who demand quality machining work. From specialty fastener manufacturing and modification jobs to prototype part machining that requires both CNC and manual machining, Allied Threaded is the shop to choose if you are seeking outstanding machining work completed with prompt turnaround times and low prices. You can learn more about what makes our shop unique by reading on, then we welcome you to send us your drawings and request a competitive quote.

Allied Threaded Stands Out for Custom Fastener Work 

As our name might suggest, the original specialty at Allied Threaded that made us stand out among machine shops in Houston is our customer fastener work. Though today we operate as a full-service machining shop with CNC and manual machining capabilities, we formed in 1966 to provide manual machining services to manufacture and modify custom fasteners. We are still sought after for this precision work for non-standard parts including but not limited to:

  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Couplings
  • Nuts (including oversize nuts)
  • Studs
  • Spacers

Houston is an Industrial City but Allied Threaded Still Stands Out Among the Pack 

Although there is a wide array of machining shops and many industrial businesses in Houston, Allied Threaded still stands out as unique. One way we do this that goes beyond over 50 years of experience manufacturing custom fasteners is our flexibility. Thanks to our team’s skill and the equipment we maintain, we can be contracted for full production machining runs with reliable turnaround times as well as prototype machining work. It is crucial to begin a machining run with a solid foundation, and our prototype work can serve as this foundation. 

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers, so if you need a prototype or low-volume job completed or something with more consistent and higher volume output, contact Allied Threaded to get the job done affordably and promptly. 

Contract a Machine Shop With Advanced Equipment and Old-Fashioned Manual Machining Capabilities

In the modern era, machining shops tend to lean toward using CNC machining solutions for many if not most jobs. While we have advanced CNC machines in-house and can handle milling, turning, and more, we know that each contract can be unique. This variation between contracts means that some work is still best handled using manual machining solutions and we continue to maintain our decades-old manual capabilities. Our suite of manual machines and CNC machines has allowed Allied Threaded to continue standing out among machine shops in Houston for decades. We plan to use these machines combined with our experience and continually improving skills to stand out for many more decades to come!

At Allied Threaded We Can Work With Diverse and Demanding Industries

While we could continue describing ways Allied Threaded stands out, we will conclude this piece by adding one final differentiator: Industries served. When choosing the right machine shop to contract for a demanding job that requires precise machining, diverse industries have trusted Allied Threaded for repeated and varied work alike. The Oil and Gas industry is just one example of a precision-focused industry that has relied upon our team to complete the CNC and manual machining work they need on parts ranging from smaller custom fasteners to structural parts that weigh up to 4,000 Lbs. We also have served the wire roping industry for years by machining custom rope fittings, specialty sheaves, and more.

We want to quote your next job and offer to complete it for a fair price and a prompt turnaround time. If you are looking for a business that stands out among machine shops in Houston, contact Allied Threaded for a quote today.


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